Do you know the names of the reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh? (Did you just start humming a very popular Christmas song about reindeer? I did, too.)
Get this: we’ve been lied to for generations. Male reindeer don’t pull the sleigh — females do!
Second Draft Journals: A Festive Fable For Feminists, features a story about the unknown heroes of Christmas: female reindeer. Join Rae and her friends as they learn that Santa and his most trusted male confidants have been perpetuating the lie that male reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh. (Read the story in this issue to uncover the truth!)
Complete with original works of art that bring our story to life, this issue is printed in colour with:
-White and festively tinted lined pages,
-Goal setting pages, and
-Inspiring messages with journal prompts.
It is the perfect gift for teenagers and women of all ages.
Available on Amazon in Canadathe USAAustraliathe UK, and Japan.

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