I have mild cerebral palsy. Though I am mobile, I've used mobility aids (a cane and a wheelchair) in the past. 
I used to fear a future in which I would have to rely on mobility aids, but I am starting to think of assistive aids as the means to live the life I desire.
I look forward to exploring my changing feelings on disability in print and (should the opportunity present itself) onstage. To begin this part of my journey, I submitted a piece to The Mighty, which is a website dedicated to giving people with disabilities a platform to share their stories. My mom wrote a piece for The Mighty, too. Both links are below.
Take care!
Why I Didn't Ask 'Why Me?' When My Daughter Was in the NICU by my mother, Dixie Roach-Foxton (her works of art complete all of my books' covers, and they make each issue of Second Draft Journals come alive -- if I do say so, myself).

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